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Zamra LLC is a business consulting firm. We offer result-oriented, comprehensive, innovative business solutions from idea inception to implementation, as well as consulting services in a range of capacities at strategic and operational levels. Our typical clients: Business solution development: Established businesses with a vision to expand to potentially mid- to large-scale operations. Consulting: Public-sector organizations and professional companies requiring executive- or project-level support in areas of large-scale enterprise systems implementation. We demonstrate our capabilities through more than 14 years of enterprise engineering and policy analysis, as well as our background in information systems.

At Zamra LLC, we develop practical solutions through: Research of systems and technologies to identify the most effective solutions that are in line with business needs and requirements. Systemic analysis of highly complex enterprise operations at the strategic and operational levels, to support critical decisions and strategies necessary to achieve organizational excellence. Communication to create an environment that generates and cultivates responsive, innovative, and competent solutions to stakeholders. We approach each engagement with a fresh mindset, firmly believing that no two projects are identical while leveraging existing resources. We stay focused throughout the project to support our clientsí goals.

Zamra LLC provides services in two main areas: business solution development and consulting services.

Business Solution Development: We identify and develop practical innovative business solutions , and support their implementation from concept development to full operation.

Consulting: We leverage our knowledge in enterprise engineering and policy analysis to provide enterprise integration-related consulting services in various areas.

Program/Project Management: IT /Operational policy compliance and investment oversight Strategic management support Governance Scope guidance Application of systems engineering methodology DoD 5000 System Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Change facilitation and management Application of standards Stakeholder needs and expectations alignment Technical proposals and contract evaluation Core project management - cost, schedule and performance Independent verification and validation (IV&V)

EPR Solution Acquisition: Business case justification Analysis of alternatives Requirements generation and analysis ERP system/solution evaluation (SAP) Bundled solutions Enterprise Solution Architecture, ERP (SAP), and GIS (ESRI ArcGIS) Collaboration and coordination Integration planning Capability/capacity development Industry best practices Data integrity analysis Independent assessment study

Design, Blueprinting, and Enterprise Architecture: Enterprise architecture development, modeling, simulation and analysis SAP Solution Manager & ARIS synchronization Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model generation Enterprise architecture portfolio management Operations and information systems analysis Business processes, application systems, data, and technology Research Mission, vision, strategies, internal/external constraints, industry trends, and technology developments Applicable internal/external policies and regulations Application/adoption of enterprise architecture frameworks

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